Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service


By using the site you agree to be bound by these terms of service. These terms can by amended at any time.


I. Understanding Evergreenadz:

PURCHASING ADVERTISING DOES NOT EARN YOU MONEY The only way to earn money from us is by viewing ads. Note: If your advertisement is good, you stand to benefit more from your advertising. By purchasing advertising at this site you agree that you are buying an intangible advertising service.

Your advertisement is not guaranteed to make you money just as no advertising service can guarantee that. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. You cannot use up advertising, use our service, and then try to ask for your money back. Attempting to receive a refund is grounds for the suspension of your account.

When advertising evergreenadz you are not permitted to use advertising material that is not approved. You must use promotional material from our affiliate area on the site. Any outside promotional material must be approved by support. SPAMMING IS NOT PERMITTED. You must follow the rules of email regulations and third party sites that you might be advertising on.


II. Member Regulations:



You can only have one account per household.  If you are found violating this your account can be suspended and/or terminated.

You must use your real name and surname and your payment processor that you cash out to must match the name on your account.


The payment processor that you deposit the most with is the one that you will be paid with. 

You must use your real name on the account and your name must match your payment processor.


If you are found to be violating these terms of service you may be suspended for a period of time or even lose your account. All decisions are at the sole discretion of evergreenadz staff


III. Earning at Evergreenadz

Bonus points are what turn into ads for you to earn by viewing. You'll start by receiving bonus point ads. Then you'll be able to earn bonus points in three ways:

1. By viewing bonus point ads you will earn bonus points

2. If you purchase paid to click credits then bonus points are awarded to you as a BONUS.  As a BONUS every 1.00 spent in bulk advertising awards 2300 bonus points!  2300 Bonus points when completely delivered is 1.15

Please remember that speed of ad delivery is not guaranteed at any rate.  Bonus points are a thank you to our loyal, valuable members.

3. You can play games to increase your bonus points How Do Bonus Points Turn into Ads? Each bonus point is worth .0005 in ads. Points are turned into ads as fast as possible to keep pace with advertisers placing ads.

Why how many bonus points you have is important. HIGHER VALUE ADS ARE GIVEN TO THOSE THAT HAVE MORE BONUS POINTS. Higher value ads are given to the highest tiers with the highest tier getting the most. There are ten tiers to determine the value of ads you will receive:


Tier 10 100,000,000+ Bonus Points
Tier  9 11,500,000 to 100,000,000 Bonus Points
Tier  8 2,300,000 to 11,500,000 Bonus Points
Tier  7 1,150,000 to 2,300,000 Bonus Points
Tier  6 460,000 to 1,150,000 Bonus Points
Tier  5 230,000 to 460,000 Bonus Points
Tier  4 92,000 to 230,000 Bonus Points
Tier  3 23,000 to 92,000 Bonus Points
Tier  2 11,500 to 23,000 Bonus Points
Tier  1 Zero to 11,500 Bonus Points




The reason higher tiers receive higher value ads is simple. People with more bonus points will have done one or more of the following.

They will have viewed a lot of bonus point ads, will have purchased paid to click credits advertising, and/or have played games to win bonus points. All of the above are essential to the site.  You will have 18 hours to view an ad that has used up bonus points. 

If you fail to view the ad your bonus points are still deducted.


Free Members: You will view an activation ad to get started.


IV. Forum Regulation

One golden rule to the forum.  Don't spam it.  Provide value to others and everything will take care of itself.


V. Affiliate Program:

Why Invite Your Friends to Evergreenadz? This is awesome, every ad that your referral clicks on you get 5% of its ad value! Even more awesome is every advertising purchase(deposits only) your referral makes you get 10% in commissions!

 To Earn from your referrals purchases(deposits only) and/or to earn from their referral clicks you must click a minimum of 4 ads the day before.


VI. Terms of Service to Be the Last to Bid Game

1. By playing the game you agree to these terms

2. By Clicking the Bid Button You Understand that You May Not Win and the Bonus Points Risked are Not Refundable

3. The very first bid of a game and only the first bid costs the price of the bid score.  The rest of the bids are listed on the green button.

4. These terms may be amended at any time.


VII. Cashouts

1. The minimum cash out for your first time is 2.00 The next will be 4.00 then 6.00 then 8.00 then 10.00 with 10.00 being the highest minimum cash out

2. Cashouts are normally processed within 24 hours.  Sometimes, not usually, it could be as late as 48 hours.  We appreciate your patience.




Disclaimer: Purchasing advertising does not make you money. The only way to make money at Evergreenadz is by viewing paid ads or referring new members that make a purchase or view ads. In addition, the speed of ad delivery is not guaranteed to be at any rate.

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