Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Earn with Evergreenadz?

Earning at Evergreenadz is Simple!

Bonus points are what turn into ads for you to earn by viewing. You'll start with bonus point ads to help you get some points. Then you'll be able to earn bonus points in three ways:

1. By viewing bonus point ads you will earn bonus points

    To start viewing ads for money and bonus points please click the earn tab then select view advertisements from your member's area Easy!

2. If you purchase ptc credits then bonus points are awarded to you as a BONUS. As a BONUS every 1.00 spent in ptc credits advertising awards 2300 bonus points!


 3. You can play games to increase your bonus points How Do Bonus Points Turn into Ads? Each bonus point is worth .0005 in ads. Points are turned into ads as fast as possible to keep pace with advertisers placing ads.


Why how many bonus points you have is important? HIGHER VALUE ADS ARE GIVEN TO THOSE THAT HAVE MORE BONUS POINTS. Higher value ads are given to the highest tiers with the highest tier getting the most. There are ten tiers to determine the value of ads you will receive:


  BAP   Ad Value
Tier 10 100,000,000+ Bonus Points $5.00000
Tier  9 11,500,000 to 100,000,000 Bonus Points $2.00000
Tier  8 2,300,000 to 11,500,000 Bonus Points $1.00000
Tier  7 1,150,000 to 2,300,000 Bonus Points $0.50000
Tier  6 460,000 to 1,150,000 Bonus Points $0.10000
Tier  5 230,000 to 460,000 Bonus Points $0.05000
Tier  4 92,000 to 230,000 Bonus Points $0.02000
Tier  3 23,000 to 92,000 Bonus Points $0.01000
Tier  2 11,500 to 23,000 Bonus Points $0.00075
Tier  1 Zero to 11,500 Bonus Points $0.00050


The reason higher tiers receive higher value ads is simple. People with the more bonus points will have done one or more of the following.


They will have viewed a lot of bonus point ads, will have purchased paid to click credit advertising, and/or have played games to win bonus points. All of the above are essential to the site.


Affiliate Program, Why Invite Your Friends to Evergreenadz? This is awesome, every ad that your referral clicks on you get 5% of its ad value! Even more awesome is every advertising purchase(deposits only) your referral makes you get 10% in commissions!  Use your referral url and have members join from there.


Does Purchasing Advertising Earn Me Money?

No. Please review how to earn with evergreenadz frequently asked question.


What if I Don't View an Ad in Time?

Unfortunately, if you don't view an ad in time you will not receive it's value.  Your account will deduct bonus points regardless of whether you view the ad or not.


Will I Ever Lose My Bonus Points or Cash Balance?

Yes, you will lose your bonus points if you fail to login within 7 days and your cash balance if you fail to login within 30 Days.


Are Points from Games Refundable?

No, remember you choose whether to play or not.


Can I Earn by Referring Others to Evergreenadz?

Yes you can.  You'll receive 5% of the ad value that your referral views.  You'll receive 10% of any purchase(deposits only) a referral of yours makes.  Just use your referral url to direct people to the site.  You can use our promotional material to help you.  You may not use your own promotional material without our approval from support.

 Please Remember:
To Earn from your referrals purchases(deposits only) and/or to earn from their referral clicks you must click a minimum of 4 ads the day before.


Can I Have More Than One Account?

No.  You can only have one account per household.  If you are found violating this your account can be suspended and/or terminated.


I Deposited with a Payment Processor Can I Cashout to a Different One?

The payment processor that you deposit the most with is the one that you will be paid out too.


It's Asking Me to Enter 3 Lines of Text to View an Ad, How Do I Do it?

Before you view an ad, you need to copy and paste each line of text into the box underneath it.  You can also type the text.  This process helps our advertisers and the site to function properly.

Then you need to click the validate button.

View this link to see an image of what needs to be done:

View this link to watch a video about how to view ads:


What is an Activation Ad?

Free members must view an activation ad, then by viewing bonus point ads you will accumulate points, points turn into real cash value ads for you to view.

What is the Be the Last to Bid Game?

This is one of the most simple games ever. If you are the LAST one to bid, nobody else bids after you, and time runs out, then you win the item.

Be the Last to Bid, Time Runs Out, You Win the Item!



What each heading means:

Current Leader:
Current member's username and country that will win the game(auction) if time runs out and nobody else has bid.

What you will win if you are the last to bid and time runs out.

Bid Score:
This is just the total amount of bids that have been posted for this item.  You can win the current item with a single bid from the green button amount and that is all you pay.
It's really just a score to brag over winning.

Bid Closes:
The amount of time left before the end of the game(auction).  Remember each new bid will add time to this.

The green TAKE OVER BID Button lists the cost of making a bid and is what you press to take over the bid and become the leader.


The very first bid of a game and only the first bid costs the price of the bid score.  The rest of the bids are listed on the green button. This is just to protect us from huge losses.  Each bid increases the timer by 20 seconds.

Terms of Service to the Be the Last to Bid Game:

1. By playing the game you agree to these terms

2. By Clicking the Bid Button You Understand that You May Not Win and the Bonus Points Risked are Not Refundable

3. These terms may be amended at any time

What is the Minimum Cash Out?

The first cash out you do is 3.00,
next cash out minimum is 4.00, next cash out is 6.00, next cash out is 8.00, the last cash out is 10.00, also keep in mind there is a max of 150% ROI! No investment, no cashout!


Currently 10.00 is the highest minimum cash out you will get to.  Cash outs are normally processed within 24 hours.  Sometimes it may be as late as 48 hours.

We appreciate your patience.


I'm interested in being awarded bonus points for my purchase. How do I do it?

The answer is simple.

Any purchase of ptc credit advertising will award you bonus points.


Which Payment Processors Are Accepted?

Bit Coin, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money and Payeer are accepted.