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All Payza funds seized by the US Government!

Started by Dutchdolphin 2018-03-21 at 22:07
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Dear members,

Today the US Government seized and froze all funds with Payza.
Link: https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/victim-witness-assistance/obopay-payza
Link2: http://behindmlm.com/payment-processors/payza-co-founders-indicted-facing-250-million-money-laundering-case/

If this means Payza will disappear for ever is not clear to anyone yet. There is no news or info on what currently is going on with Payza other then in the links provided.

For now we have disabled Payza for adding funds, purchases and withdrawals till Payza is able to resolve the legal issues.

What this exactly means for Payza depositors is at this point not clear untill Payza solves their problem first. We can't login into our Payza account as well. But very few people still can.

- agony554
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correct payza blocked all usa citizen and usa business accounts.

Sorry for your troubles.
thank you for keeping us informed.