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Payment contradiction

Started by CarmelaSan 2019-09-10 at 18:08
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I need the explanation of why on August 23, 2019 when I asked about my $ 5 deposit, his answer was that I could only withdraw the maximum of $ 7.50, so I found myself in the need to deposit $ 5 again to be able to withdraw a maximum of 15 dollars.


I do not understand why I have to invest what I earn by watching advertising if that is my time I spent watching advertising, on top of this the last months began to appear pornographic advertising (including child pornography) and I also have to continue paying to see this.
I am registered on the page since October 2017 and during all this time I had never been required to make a deposit.
Posts: 11
1st, If you have seen such pornography anywhere, esspecially involving children, you should have reported this instant so we could have done something about it.
2nd, notifications where given over 6 months ago already about the investment rules. But again, you didn't read and now are complaining about it.